The appraisal process

TopStar Appraisal Process

Obligation Free All The Time

Property appraisals with TPCS are always obligation free. Invite a TPCS Agent and they will be able to give you a good understanding of your property’s worth.

Relax and let a TPCS agent walk with you as you show them your home we say to our clients do not stress about styling your home for the property appraisal. We are experts at seeing through the general household clutter.


A TPCS agent is interested in looking at the size of the property, the number of bedrooms, the the number and quality of bathrooms, the kitchen, the overall building structure and its condition, for them to get the best price possible.


Plus they will pop around with a cup of coffee to calm your nerves.

A TPCS Agent will come back to you with a figure they believe is accurate for the current market, area, and the property. This will include supporting data such as sales in the local area within the last 90 days and a summary of wider market trends.

Contact us for an obligation free property appraisal.